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Meet Our Team

  • Dr.
    Paul Liechty

    Whatever Paul Liechty does, he is firm, and enthusiastic in his approach. He brings energy and optimism to his chiropractic practice.

    Dr. Liechty was born in Rugby, ND, on a cold January morning in 1953. He received his primary and secondary education in Kulm and Jamestown, ND. After attending Jamestown College, a four-year liberal arts Presbyterian College, Dr. Liechty moved to Davenport, IA, to study chiropractic at the renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic. After graduating with honors, Dr. Liechty interned in St. Cloud, MN, and completed his study in spinal biomechanics.

    Dr. Liechty opened his private practice in Lakewood, CO, a suburb of Denver. During his years of building a strong practice there, he met Sherri Sharp of Mesquite, TX, and later married her. Together they decided to move to Texas and in 1982 built their Chiropractic Office in Mesquite.

    Active in promoting chiropractic, Dr. Liechty has aggressively sought to emphasize the importance of proper chiropractic treatment in personal injury accidents.
    'I have personally treated thousands of patients injured in car accidents and have found tremendous satisfaction in seeing these people return to a normal healthy life.'
    'Whiplash and auto accidents are unique in that all too often patients consult us for these conditions only after they have been improperly treated or totally neglected.'


    Dr. Liechty and the American Chiropractic Office have received many awards over the years. These include:

    • Certificate for Merit for Homecoming Education Programs - Palmer College
    • Certificate of Merit - Chiropractic Association
    • Palmer Alumni Campaign Award
    • Delta Delta Pi Fraternity Award
    • 4-76 Certificate of Merit - Palmer College of Chiropractic
    • Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation's Graduate Certificate
    • Award for Outstanding Achievement - Colorado Spinal Biomechanical Engineering group
    • Voted Best Chiropractic in Mesquite by Reader's Choice
    • Palmer Alumni Board Member
    • TCA District 5 Board Member
  • Dr. Brian Lee

    Dr. Brian Lee received his bachelor in science from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2015.  Always leading an active lifestyle playing various sports during his earlier years led him to become a huge advocate for all things that promote health and wellness

    He then received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 2019 and finished his rotations his last year in Buffalo, NY, where he sought patients in all clinical settings.

    He was trained in evidence-based spinal correction, gained insight in communicating chiropractic and continued his studies to receive his contemporary medical acupuncture license from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada where it was ranked second in the world by Times Higher Education (THE).   During his time there he worked at the McMaster hospital along side with Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco MD, team physician of the 2000 and 2004 Olympics and many other world events.

    Dr. Lee’s goal is to help restore motion and help patients relieve any stressors in any capacity that could be preventing them from living their optimal life.  

  • Linda Hampton

    Linda Hampton received her Masters Degree in Nursing at  University of Texas at Arlington in 2018 and Baccalaureate in Nursing at Texas Womans University in 2012. She currently serves the role of Nurse Practitioner at American Integrated Healthcare. Her philosophy is ongoing patient education to promote optimal wellness and non-pharmacological as well as pharmalogical pain management. 'Treat the patient as you would treat yourself.' She is a mother of two daughters and one son. Grandmother of 7. She enjoys travel, reading and swing dancing. Linda Hampton joined American Integrated Healthcare team in September 2019 to  foster personal and nurse-client relationships and is happy to meet your wellness needs.

  • Dr.
    Igor Rakovchik

    Dr. Rakovchik was hooked on science after reading Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton in 7th grade biology class. He later received his Bachelor Degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Dallas (cumlaude) and decided to go to medical school at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

    His interest in biomechanics, neurophysiology and a balanced life led him to choose a residency in Physical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine followed by a fellowship in Spinal Cord Injury Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.

    His recent journey into the study of health and longevity, led him to become an acupuncturist and become board certified by the American Board of Integrative & Holistic Medicine.

    Dr. Rakovchik realizes that every patient is more than just a diagnosis and strives to provide holistic care by combining Eastern and Western philosophies on health and longevity.In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys,reading, swimming, cycling and pursuing a functional movement practice.

  • Dr. Ana Bonilla

    Dr. Ana Bonilla was born and raised in Puerto Rico.  She comes from a medical family and is the only chiropractor in her family for now (her little brother followed in her footsteps and will be graduating from chiropractic school soon). She became a Chiropractor because Chiropractic changed her life. It taught her where True health comes from and she wants to share that with the world.

    She graduated from Parker University in Dallas in 2014. After graduating she went on an internship for 8 months in order to get certified in Spinal Correction thru the Maximized Living Health Center program in Naples, Fl. She got her certifications in Level 1 Spinal Correction and Nutrition.

    During her internship she worked in an office that saw 800 patients a week, allowing her to get more patient clinical experience in 8 months that many doctors get in years. 

    Since joining the American Integrated Healthcare team Dr Ana has helped many patients achieve the best health possible. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She has her own health radio show on Radio Ebenezer 106.9FM and 101.5FM where she teaches every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm how chiropractic can help with different health conditions.

    Dr Ana’s goal is to help patients achieve the highest level of health by getting to the cause of the problem. By getting to the cause of the problem, we can correct and allow the body to heal from the inside out.


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